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What NexGen Nats is All About

NexGen Nats is simply the public product of something I have been doing for several years now as a personal hobby. I am a lifelong baseball nut who has worked an entire career in various sports communications roles, including stints for a major college baseball program and Major League Baseball. I have a degree in journalism and have written about some of the biggest athletes in the world, so you should expect high-quality work and hold me to that standard.

I am a fanatical follower of the Washington Nationals and a prospect geek. I have always admired the work sites such as MLB Pipeline and Baseball America have produced. Several years ago, I decided to experiment with my own system for ranking Nationals prospects. I use a mathematic formula I devised and have tinkered with throughout the years that ranks prospects via a combination of the traditional Hit/Power/Run/Arm/Field tools with which you're probably familiar. However, I also consider other factors in my formula and weight the ones I find most important. However, I do still believe strongly in scouting and human perception, so I will override the pure data in the case of close calls. After years of doing this, I am happy about the results and excited to share them with you.

Having worked as a sportswriter and digital media pro for years now, I'm trying to create something more in depth for both the hardcore fan who likes the nitty gritty of Minor League Baseball, as well as the casual fan who may be new to prospect tracking.

However, this is a one-person show and I have a job and kids, so that will always take priority. Please be patient as I figure out the kinks as we go along.

Let's have fun! Go Nats!


Have a tip on an underrated prospect? Have a report from a game? Want to help the site? Think I'm an idiot? Shoot me an email with whatever's on your mind!

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